OrderFetch™ Shipping Sorter

OrderFetch quickly directs the right orders to the right location
at the right time, installs for a fraction of the cost of
existing sortation systems, and provides dramatically higher
operational flexibility.


“Pull” Material Flow
Using OrderFetch, the shipping department sets the agenda
for the building, allowing you to pull work from picking and
reserve as needed for specific trucks.

Real-Time Truck Loading – Because
every order is mobile, it moves only when required and to
the right place. The dock door opens, the orders arrive, and
the truck leaves, reducing variability in truck loading times.
items in parallel, eliminating system bottlenecks caused by
a single point of failure.

Mobile Infrastructure – All Kiva equipment
is mobile and modular, making it easy to expand or reconfigure
the shipping area. Unlike conveyor-based sorters, output can
be expanded without disrupting operations.

Integration – OrderFetch integrates
seamlessly with Kiva ItemFetch™ split-case picking and
Kiva CaseFetch™ pallet-moving systems, creating one
seamless operation in the building.

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