Review of "Bad Universe"

Bad Universe promotional postcardImage by thebadastronomer via Flickr
We recently watched "Bad Universe" on the Discovery Channel, hosted by Phil Plait.  The first show was about asteroids and how they might threaten Earth, and what could be done about them.  Phil Plait was quite interesting, even though he kept wanting to press the "fire" button on the gadgets.  :)

Although the show did dramatize asteroid collisions, it did not focus on that aspect too much, like many other science shows do.  Instead, it analyzed different types of asteroids, and how their makeup affects efforts to redirect their path.  It also analysed the effects of impact at different distance, using a scale model explosion.  I was not aware of the Hiroshima measuring scale!

I will watch this show again.  I'd even watch this particular episode again. It was quite entertaining, brilliant, and informative.

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