The Geneva Sound System: 600 watts made for iPod

The Geneva Sound System: 600 watts made for iPod: "

Can we let you in on a secret…we’re tired of all those wimpy iPod sound accessories pushing tin-speakers with single-digits of wattage which get cranked out by anyone with access to a machine press, a roll of plastic, and some white paint. So when a 600 watt RMS “made for iPod” rumbler shows up…well, we just start salivating like one of Pavlov’s pets. Oh sure, they don’t have any actual product shots up yet (just renderings) and you can only pre-order, but there is no doubt that the Geneva Sound System designs are hot. These puppies come in L or XL models slammin’ 100 to 600 watts-o-tie-flapping-power respectively. Each unit features an iPod Universal Dock connector, a built-in slot-loading CD, and FM radio all controllable by included remote. An LED display under the front cover shows input and track playing which is a good start. But if they could just scroll the now playing artist and track all Holzer-truism-like across the entire face then we might be willing to throw down the $1,075 for the XL model or $599 for the L. Said to be available this “fall”... hopefully meaning the northern hemisphere. More pics after the break.

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Montage of products

Top-down view

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