US Modular redesigns Monstor, ups size to 6GB

US Modular redesigns Monstor, ups size to 6GB: "When we first checked out US Modular’s Monstor pocket drives, we liked the idea of getting up to 4GB of storage in a form factor not much bigger than a flash drive, but bristled a bit at USM’s marketing pitch, which claimed that the 2GB version was available for “about the same [price] as a 512MB flash drive.” Now the Monstor is back, with a shiny new finish and a maximum capacity of 6GB. Unfortunately, the company still claims that you can get the 2GB version at a 512MB price, and it’s still not true. Last time we checked, we could get a basic 512MB flash drive for under $30, while the best price we’ve seen on the 2GB Monstor is about $75, and that’s for the old, ugly one. So, props to USM for upgrading the capacity and making this thing actually look decent, but it’s time to either fire the marketing department, get them to come clean, or, most preferably, just lower the price of the 2GB version to $30.

[Via BIOS]

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