gizmag Article: Immerse yourself - VisionStation 3-D hemispherical display

gizmag Article: Immerse yourself - VisionStation 3-D hemispherical display: "The VisionStation wraps the individual user in 3-D graphics by integrating a massive 1.65 m wide hemispherical display into a computer workstation. This portable, single projector display system doesn't require the use of glasses or helmets and is billed as a cost-effective solution for driving or flight simulation, 3-D design, engineering, education and a range of other roles where immersive display technology is beneficial.Elumens' TruTheta imaging technology delivers the 3-D experience by incorporating optics, software and screen design to surround the user in the displayed content on a screen 53cm deep.The VisionStation can be adapted to military training simulations including mission rehearsals, cockpit procedural training and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) operation.Accessories available to expand functionality include a light shade, audio system, full size desk and robust travel cases"

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