Hands on with the Cowon iAudio6

Hands on with the Cowon iAudio6: "Filed under: CES, Portable Audio, Portable Video

The Cowon iAudio6 is so small, we almost overlooked it as we walked around the Cowon booth. We've seen plenty of small portables, but the 1.3-inch OLED screen coupled with the 4GB hard drive really packs a punch. Not that did a hands on for 20 hours, but according to Cowon, we could have because that's how long the batts will last. It's clear that the iAudio6 won't feel as thin in the pocket as an iPod nano, but we actually liked the thicker feel to the unit. What can we say: we like a little meat on our MP3 players? We wouldn't watch videos on the pretty screen for any length of time, but for the few minutes that we did, the OLED really shined while the audio rocked the house.

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