Inveneo Communications Systems IT hardware uses alternate energy sources

Inveneo Communications Systems IT hardware uses alternate energy sources: "Filed under: Wireless, Networking
An entire IT infrastructure powered by alternative energy sources has completed testing in Uganda and is now available for deployment to developing countries or areas where power and broadband options are limited. Inveneo intends their Communications Systems, which are composed of a Hub Station with satellite, cellular, or wired Internet connection and Communications Stations for local use by end users, to be adopted by governments, NGOs, and charitable organizations in conjunction with cheap PCs for delivering ubiquitious networked computing access. Communications Stations are connected to the Hub through long-range WiFi connections, with all the hardware cheap to maintain thanks to open-source software and hydro, solar, wind, or bicycle generator options for power. The Inveneo gear is supposedly available immediately, although their online store is closed as of this writing, so pricing remains a mystery. [Warning: PDF link]

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