Linux-based iSetBox from Media Systems does it all

Linux-based iSetBox from Media Systems does it all: "Filed under: Home Entertainment, Media PCs

It might sound a bit more like an Apple fanboy wish list than an actual product from a Bulgarian company named Media Systems, but the iSetBox looks like it'll turn a few heads either way if ever makes it to market. The device claims to be an all-in-one entertainment center, and we really can't find much that isn't in this box. It includes a CD and DVD writer, can record analog and digital TV, offers a web browser and email client, and can even has a 6-in-1 card reader to further its media inputs. If that wasn't enough, the Linux-based unit can listen to and record digital and analog radio, sports Ethernet networking, and has a myriad of digital and analog inputs and outputs to further its reach into your home's media devices. If you find the unit still lacking, you can add WiFi, Bluetooth or other niceties via a PCI card. The whole box is controlled via a single remote control, which can create playlists of the numerous media formats supported. It's hard to imagine something this feature-filled ever making it to market, but we sure wouldn't mind if it did.

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