The Future of Electronic Paper

Thirty-five years in the making, electronic paper is now closer than
ever to changing the way we read, write, and study — a revolution
so profound that some see it as second only to the invention of the
printing press in the 15th century. Made of flexible material,
requiring ultra-low power consumption, cheap to manufacture,
and—most important—easy and convenient to read, e-papers of
the future are just around the corner, with the promise to hold
libraries on a chip and replace most printed newspapers before the end
of the next decade. This article will cover the history, technology,
and future of what will be the second paper revolution.
A piece of history: one of the first Gyricon material to be made, about 2 centimeters on a side from the 1974 era. The image was produced by placing an Seiko e-watch (Credit: Seiko)Polymer Vision Radius prototype (Credit: Polymer Vision)Fujitsu prototype color e-book reader (left) and Irex Iliad (right)

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