LG.Philips bends reality, if e-paper is your reality

E-paper displays are already thin. Now they're getting flexible, thanks to a breakthrough announced by LG.Philips.

The first color "e-paper" display measures 14.1 inches wide and 0.3 millimeters thick. Replacing the usual inflexible glass substrate is a combination of foil, which holds thin-film transistors, and plastic, which holds the color filter. Electronic ink from (who else?) E Ink Corp. generates up to 4096 colors. Like paper, this e-paper doesn't just flex — it also bounces back, and maintains 180° readability even when bent.

Of course, foil and plastic can both melt, so part of the breakthrough came in proprietary video-processing technology that prevents the panel from frying its circuits and deforming. LG.Philips had previously shown the world's first flexible black & white e-paper display in May 2006.


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