Apollo 11 Owners' Workshop Manual

Apollo 11 Owners’ Workshop Manual coverOn 20th July 1969, US astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon. But it had taken 400,000 men and women across the United States to put him and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin there. Achieving technical miracles and overcoming bureaucratic battles, daunting setbacks and tragedies, Apollo’s engineers and scientists worked out how to transport human beings and their home comforts across a quarter of a million miles of hostile space, to live and work on the surface of an unexplored alien world.

The fact that all this was achieved before the age of micro-computers, mobile phones and the internet, when slide rules were still in every engineer’s top pocket, is even more exceptional. The seven million engineered parts invented to fly a single mission all had to work perfectly.

Forty years on, the reality of just how difficult it was to achieve a lunar landing in the mid-20th century is recounted in Apollo 11 Owners' Workshop Manual. Presented in the successful Haynes Manual format with original NASA technical illustrations and stunning archive photographs- some previously unpublished, the down-to-earth text takes the reader behind the scenes to look at every aspect of the Apollo 11 mission, from the raw fire-breathing power of the Saturn V rocket to the development of the astronauts’ space suits. Unique ‘how it works’ and ‘how you fly it’ guides give an insight into launch procedures, ‘flying’ and landing the Lunar Module, walking on the Moon, and the Earth re-entry procedure. A fascinating book, Apollo 11 Owners' Workshop Manual chronicles the audacity of the engineers who dared to dream that such a voyage was possible and then made it happen.


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