Six Ways that Google Wave is Going to Change Your Business, Career and Life

Google recently announced their most ambitious project to date called Google Wave. According to Google, Wave is “what email would look like if it was invented today.”

If you haven’t made time to watch the one hour video, I’d highly recommend you do so today.

And please -- click through and read this article in its entirety.

1. Extensions

Google is making it easy to augment the power of Wave by writing Wave Extensions.
These are similar to Firefox Add-ons and they fall into two areas:
Robots and Gadgets.

2. Embedding APIs

Google has created a huge API to Wave, but one of the really interesting parts is the ability to embed a Wave
into any web page. A great example of how this could be used with
blogging. You can create a Wave and then publish it to your blog. Then
whenever someone comments on the blog post, it appears as a reply to
you Wave in your Wave client - no need to visit the site.

3. Collaboration

The separation between documents and emails will be completely
removed with Waves. This is because Waves can be edited by more than
one person. A great example would be taking notes for a meeting.

4. Open Source

Google doesn’t intend to ‘own’ Wave. They have open-sourced the technology and created the Wave Federation Protocol.

5. Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Wave is written entirely in Google Web Toolkit.
GWT allows you to write HTML 5 web apps in Java, which are then
cross-compiled into optimized JavaScript. If you want to learn more,
this video explanation is very helpful.

6. Playback

The increased collaboration that possible with Wave might actually
make it confusing for someone to be added to a Wave after a lot of
editing and replies have been made. Enter ‘Wave Playback. The
best way to explain it is by jumping to minute 13:00 on the Wave introduction video.


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