Combi's "Roanju Auto Swing" maglev baby rocker

Combi's "Roanju Auto Swing" maglev baby rocker: "Filed under: Household

Given our irrational fear of maglev elevators, we sure wish Combi's new maglev-powered 'Roanju Auto Swing' for babies had been around when we still young gadgeteers, as it might have helped us adapt to such a scary new technology. While it's too late for us, at least the modern baby will be able to benefit from nearly silent swinging operation as well as seven pre-loaded tunes, plus an ergonomic design on the deluxe model. Apparently a light push is all it takes to get the Roanju swinging for fifteen minutes, although at $580 for the standard and over $600 for the deluxe, we think we'll just stick to the much cheaper method of harnessing our toddlers to slow-moving ceiling fans (note: the previous parenting tip was brought to you by Blogging Baby).

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