Coretta Scott King dared to stand out and seek a better way

Coretta Scott King dared to stand out and seek a better way: "Today is Coretta Scott King’s funeral.  Each of us has been impacted by her life.  Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King changed the face of US business by advancing the causes of us all.  Equality and respect are necessary preconditions for participation in government, business, and society.

When faced with a difficult situation, injustice, and unfairness, we have a choice.  The choice is very simple.  Live with the unfairness and the peer pressure.  In short, tolerate the status quo.  Or step up and stand out, dare to say no.

Many people focus on being popular or fear being noticed.  Others benefit from the status quo.  These individuals are incented to tolerate the status quo or fear suggesting a better way.

Coretta Scott King and her husband, Martin Luther King, Jr., looked at what was and dared to dream…  They dared to share their vision.  In sharing vision, they inspired others.  Because of their dream, each of us is better off and has more opportunities. 

Dreams of equality of opportunity help each of us in business.  They spread like wildfire, trickle down, spread upward, and cross-pollinate with other ideas as well as what currently exists.

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