iTunes now offering NBC, SciFi, and USA television for download

iTunes now offering NBC, SciFi, and USA television for download: "

Well, now we know why NBC is thinking of suing TiVo over their announced PSP and iPod support — as expected they want you to pay for the content. So those rumors were true, Apple is now offering NBC programming in addition to SciFi (Battlestar Galactica) and USA (Monk) networks for $1.99 a pop to your iPod just like the ABC offerings of yore. Not only can you download current Must See (yawn) NBC shows like Law & Order, the office, and Surface in addition to Conan and Leno, you also gain access to some pretty sweet vintage NBC including Dragnet, Adam-12, Hitchcock and the all singing all craptastic Knight Rider which spawned the mantra inducing title: trust doesn’t rust. Indeed Michael, indeed.

[Thanks, Jay-B]

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