PhotoViolationMeter takes cash, cards... and your picture

PhotoViolationMeter takes cash, cards... and your picture: "Filed under: Transportation

The next time you’re hauled into court to argue over whether you were parked illegally, there might be an unusual witness backing up your claims, or those of the cop who left a gift on your windshield: the parking meter itself. The PhotoViolationMeter is a new smart parking meter that includes most recent smart-meter innovations, such as accepting payments via smartcard or cellphone, and adds a new twist: a camera that can take pictures of your car and upload them to authorities, store them locally, and make decisions based on how long you’ve been parked. Park for too long in a one-hour spot, and the meter can automatically let the police know you’re still there, no meter maid required. The meter even takes away one of the few perks left to users of other meter systems: the ability to use time left over by the previous parker. Once a car leaves, the PhotoViolationMeter automatically resets itself to zero, forcing each new parker to pay all over again. Isn’t technology grand?

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