The ROBOTIS modular robot system

The ROBOTIS modular robot system: "

Just when you thought we were through with this IREX ‘05 robotic insanity, we bring you this little trained assassin. Of course, he might look totally insane right here in, um, doggie mode, but you could make the ROBOTIS look like a skilled ninja since it’s totally configurable. Kind of like a Lego set for robots, ROBOTIS carries all the individual parts on their website you’ll need for making whatever walking, crawling, scurrying, lounging, or kick butting robot you can come up with — or afford. The parts, they ain’t cheap though; a hand can run you $260 dollars, and they’re not exactly giving away the other stuff. There’s also no telling how the software compares to Lego’s Mindstorm offerings, but there is definite potential here.

[Via Akihabara New]

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