Pixela pocket TV with digital tuner

Pixela pocket TV with digital tuner: "The Pixela pocket TV has looks that remind us of those bulky audio guidebooks you pick up at museums, but with a 2.17-inch LCD grafted on. Despite its ungainly design, the portable, due out in Japan next spring, has a few interesting features, in particular, a built-in digital tuner to receive Japanese over-the-air digital broadcasts. The unit will also, apparently, be able to pick up both analog and digital FM radio broadcasts, along with broadcasts using H.264 and 5.1 surround (which, of course, is converted to two-channel output). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any storage capabilities, so you’re limited to viewing what you can receive in real-time. And, somehow, we’re not quite sure you’ll really be wowed by digital TV when you’re watching it on a 2.17-inch display.

[Via Akihabara News]

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