Xmultiple FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer

Xmultiple FlashPoint MP3 SharePlayer: "

We just received a press release from Xmultiple announcing a “new breed” of digital audio players created by the natural union of their FlashPoint thumb drive with an MP3 player. Their new SharePlayer not only pumps out compressed audio but also features Xmultiple’s Sharing-On-The-Go firmware allowing you to download files directly from another USB MP3 player by simply “attaching the devices and pressing a button” — no need for a pesky PC in the middle or electrical outlet son, thems for fools dig? And that good SOTG works just as well for downloading photographs or data from your USB equipped digicam or cellphone. We’re not clear if they still require data to be stored in the “load” directory for all this “computerless” download lovin’ but there’s no denying SOTG’s (aka, USB On-The-Go) potential convenience. Available in 512MB and 1/2/4GB capacities sometime early next year in fabulous white, black, and gray models — ‘cause anything beyond grayscale is just so yesterday.

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