onair solutions' "USB HDTV" external HD USB 2.0 tuner

onair solutions' "USB HDTV" external HD USB 2.0 tuner: "

We always enjoy bringing you products that manufacturers bill as the world’s first something-or-other, so we can learn in comments that it’s totally not the case. Well today we have the rather uninspiringly-named “USB HDTV” from onair solutions, which claims to be the world’s first external HD tuner to support USB 2.0. This tuner features both digital and analog RF inputs, as well as composite and S-video for piping in other content, and even has QAM support for digital cable data and 5.1 audio if your sound card has SPDIF. You also get PVR functionality here, thanks to bundled software and an IR remote, which is further enhanced by image capture functionality and an online program guide. If you already have a nice display for your PC, at $250 this seems like a super-cheap and easy way to get HDTV plus recording—available now in the US through Autumnwave, a stateside partner.

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