Minox DMP-2 media player and MPEG-4 recorder

Minox DMP-2 media player and MPEG-4 recorder: "Filed under: Home Entertainment, Portable Audio, Portable Video

Minox is best known for their quality cameras, and uniquely for those mini espionage shooters immortalized by WWII spies. So it feels a bit odd to tell you about yet another stretch for them into the media player market. First, they brought us the DMP-1 'image-player', now they announce the DMP-2 personal media player. Sure, they pack in a superb 2.5-inch 960 x 240 pixel display capable of 262K colors in a PMP capable of both MPEG-4 playback and recording at up to 640 x 480 pixels. That's right, recording, but it's tough to get overly excited since you'll be limited to either 128MB of internal memory or up to 2GB via SD expansion...which you must purchase separately. If you're still with us, this PMP also sports a couple of flip-out mouse-ear speakers for use in a pinch, TV-out, AV-in, MP3 and WMA playback support, FM tuner with recorder functionality, and about 3 hours of video playback on battery which is about as good as it gets in a smaller package than both the current iPod and Zen Vision:M. No details on pricing or availability yet.

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