"One of a kind" synth-guitar on eBay for $5K

"One of a kind" synth-guitar on eBay for $5K: "

With a starting bid of $5,000, this “one of a kind guitar” may not attract too many eBayers (at this writing, there are no bids), but that doesn’t mean the builder (who isn’t the seller) shouldn’t get some props. According to the seller, the guitar has a synth in the base, and uses buttons instead of strings or frets. It was apparently custom-built in 1970 for a guitarist named Scott Cromwell, and has been moldering in an attic somewhere since Cromwell’s death in 1975. No word in the seller’s description about whether this still works or not (though the seller says he plans to keep the patent and “all rites”), other than a claim that it can “make you sound like Hendrix himself.” Okay, we’re sold — though we assume we can get our money back if that doesn’t quite prove to be the case.

[Via Music Thing]

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