Jens of Sweden MP-X (aka Qoolqee X) reviewed

Jens of Sweden MP-X (aka Qoolqee X) reviewed: "

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the Qoolqee X, that tiny, display-free, ruggedized player from Korea’s Hantel. Turns out, though, the folks at Jens of Sweden have been hard at work, and have rolled out a black-clad version (the Qoolqee version comes in red, blue or yellow), packed in a slim black box (kept slim by Jens’ oh-so-clever ploy of making you buy a headset separately). Fosfor Gadgets has a review of what is now known as the Jens of Sweden MP-X, and found it to have “excellent” build and sound quality (though the reviewer points out that the Jens logo rubbed off after a couple of days of use — so much for rebranding). The reviewer also found the controls to be straightforward — though setting the equalizer was a bit tricky — and called it a “perfect match” if you’re looking for a small player for workouts. Specs include support for MP3, WMA, WMA w/DRM and OGG, and a claimed battery life of about 12 hours. At under $100 for the 1GB version, it’s priced pretty competitively, and we can live with having to pay extra for headphones, since we typically just chuck the included cheapo earbuds as soon as we open a new player.

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